Fate is a Myth

 Fate is a Myth

Superstitions are a restriction 

The definition of Superstition :

excessively credulous belief in and reverence for supernatural beings

Does this not seem at all odd that we still believe in such fiction that we use it in everyday life and we also restricted ourselves with fear to keep us safe .

  1. Stop thinking that just because other people do things a certain way you should do the same , do things your own way , create a system that works for you not others. Every human being on this planet has different thinking strategies , processes information differently , dreams and loathes exponentially different things, has goals for different projects so who is to say that the way you live your life is wrong if you’re enjoying it .
  2. I hear all to often the same reactions to my spontaneous travel decisions and to my future excursions usually they are the same few lines :

 “ your always moving around you , how do you do it “

“ I would love to do what you do , i just don’t have the time or the money “

“ Your crazy , how do you afford it ?”

The truth is I live on little money to subsidise this lifestyle , but the common misconception that travelling is some sort of magic that only happens to lucky people, I find that most people tend to procrastinate about most of their lives but don’t follow through and it seems to be more and more common everyday.

I live my life day by day and I always have , much to the confusion and bewilderment of most of my family and my peers. I feel that people are taken aback and almost reluctant to believe when i explain to them how easy it is to do.

I would love it if we could all break this habit , not only would it be beneficial for our personal happiness and the knock on effect that this would have on our friendships and our relationships in turn but I also feel that turning off the “comfort zone” button would allow us to explore other cultures , see first hand all your surroundings, connect with people and make a judgment for yourself about how you would like to live your life .

You cannot tell anyone how they should, could or will live their life, fate is myth

The definition of Fate :

“something that unavoidably befalls a person.”

“The supposed force, principle, or power that predetermine’s events”

If you genuinely believe that your fate is sealed and that the path is written out for you already I have many problems with this idea and so should you .

be destined to happen, turn out, or act in a particular way.”

“the development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.”

Come on… if you don’t understand the absolute irony of the statements above and you do not agree then I will try to give you a brief example .

Apply the explanation of fate to anything your about to or will do as an action today .

Maybe your sat on a beach if your lucky right now , by a pool or travelling on the tube to work , maybe you are stuffing a boots meal deal into your  mouth as quick as you can because you only have a 30 min dinner break and you need an injection of energy to get you through the day because your fading fast and wish you wouldn’t have mixed your drinks on a Wednesday night when you knew full well what would happen today.

I suppose that means your sealed your fate that evening , the after effects or your actions may pose a predictable outcome but we can never be certain what is in our future or how it will happen .

If you dont proceed with the next action before you, you will believe and tell yourself that instead of taking it fate will decide it for you and then in turn will either make it happen or not … you may be disappointed if you needed this action to be processed .

Lets be honest , if you do not get up and go to work tomorrow morning you could say your fate would be sealed with a disciplinary , you could get away with it is as you don’t do it very often or you know how to play that game but let’s be truthful here , that’s not fate .

That’s just a set of consequnces that will follow .

Fate for me is not something that applies to our lives today and the more we believe in such nonsense the more I believe that we sit at our desks on payday after we always assume we are broke already or will be after one weekend of bingeing before you realise you have half the amount you usually live on for the next three weeks and you really wish you were not sat next to Michelle who won’t shut up about the X factor and the week in Morocco her boyfriend has booked even though she’s terrified about because she thinks that ISIS will get her when she’s there, when you should be literally sliding your arm across your desk putting all your belongings plus a few extras that you feel you have earned straight into a box and sticking your middle finger up to your boss and dabbing your way out of the office with the thug life glasses super imposed onto your fantastic fucking face which is to everyone else’s disgust as you were the first person to stand up and do what everyone else would never dream of .

It all bottles down to how you look at your life and your time here.

They say that when something happens close to home , it can make you reevaluate your life and everything in it .


I wake every morning, knowing that this day could be my last. I go to sleep knowing I might not wake up. Or anyone I know or love. And you know what? It doesn’t make me sad or depressive or scared. It makes me realize how precious every moment is – not when someone dies, or almost dies, but every day of my life. I cringe when my plans (which I don’t make often) fall through and I’m forced to waste more than 15 minutes not doing anything. I hate it when people are late, because they might be wasting the last minutes or hours of my life.

The one thing that I can honestly say i have learnt is for instance when you lose someone , or they lose you . When someones time ends in this life people say the same thing whether they be old , young or ill .

“ I wish i had more time “

“I wish i had done …. “

These are common because time is the one thing in life we never get back and is constantly disappearing into the past right before our eyes , so how do we walk around every single day with a constant notion that we are effectively going to die (whenever and wherever) and we should take every single thing that we see or do into our minds, process this information and experience , savour and enjoy it and then learn from it .

Well I’m not Jesus and I do not have all the answers , but i feel we must explore the possibility that we have our fate sealed by our mindset and by the teachings of others.

I think we as a society mock the people who do life the way we dream of it , see them as somewhat irresponsible or extrovert or just lucky.

I think to determine the difference between sensible and spontaneous is not something we should over think too much . If we get the opportunity to have a life changing experience at the cost of not moving forward or upwards in our careers or stature should never be questioned .

The key excuses to not taking part in many experiences in life :

“My job won’t let me take the time off , due to holiday restrictions or a timetable.”

I have lots of work to do .”

“I don’t have the money .”

“I can’t just up and leave as much as I would like to.”

All these excuses don’t wash with me I’m afraid.

We must never live to work for someone else dreams or bankroll , we must always work to live and never be greedy with our estimations on what we need to live.

All these excuses you will hear are very common and usually along the lines of the above statements .

I do believe that if you love something enough then you can work hard to achieve anything but for who’s benefit?

What are your goals in life , if you were to be told you were going to die tomorrow , what didn’t you do and why ?

The “why” rather than the what is the more important factor

We need to spend more time investing in life experiences and less on material possessions.

I am not perfect and i do not always get it right but its the mindset of belief you are free.

I have one fear that perpetually sticks into my mind , especially when I’m travelling alone and feeling homesick .

The term FOMO is often banded about because it is taking over the 21st century more than we realise .

FOMO – the fear of missing out

It’s very common so never feel like it’s not something that we all go through at some point during the build up to a long trip or whilst away.

Our friends , our family , our home we built and we love of course we are all going to miss terribly , its our network or strength it makes us who we are today and should never be dismissed , but processed differently .

A have a wise oracle who is 90 years old and the most honest and respectable person I have ever met who literally pushes me to do all the things i want to do in life and also keeps me grounded with her inability to see the negative in anyone who is trying to better their life . A true inspiration and not only because she has seen more in her lifetime than i can imagine but even with her simple family life living for others and making sure everyone around her is not only safe but brought up to be successful in what ever they choose to pursue whether it be a career, travel or just happiness .

Priorities aren’t always chosen, they are often the effects of our actions that have a lasting commitment which has to be followed .

It’s not impossible to change your future though . People use the word “impossible” when describing things to be able to justify the fact that hard work or change may be involved usually  writting it out of their thought process to forget about it so they can pretend it isn’t something they will ever achieve .

I want to know why everybody in Western society seems to be getting it so wrong when it comes to quality of life and what matters . Why is it that in a world where the people who have so much feel like they always need more and the ones who don’t have anything just seem to be filled with joy with such simple pleasures .

Shouldn’t it be the other way around ?

Fate is a Myth : Dont live by anothers lead . Make your own path




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